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We introduce traditional crafts and folk crafts from Tohoku region and sell them by mail order.

I wrote my thoughts on handicrafts on my blog.
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We introduce Handicrafts, traditional crafts, folk art and traditional foods made by craftsmen in the Tohoku region of Japan
that have been handed down from generation to generation,
and sell them by mail order .
・・・We advocates Life with Japanese beauty.・・・ 
 The specialized in handwork
 Currently 160 workshops with 111 types □ Product introduction page
 for June
 of Reiwa 6

Southern broomstick Takakura crafts

Tsugaru kite painting
Syukou Yamauchi

Nikko geta (footwear) Yamamoto Masasi
Recommended foodJapanese traditional fermented food  

  • Food from the Edo and Genroku eras is said to be the healthiest food from a survey of 150 countries around the world.Because it is a fresh, additive-free, fermented food.(From the 1977 US Congressional report on McGovern, p. 5000)
  • Handicraft specialty advocates the same source of medicine and food.Your family's health can be maintained with traditional food.Miso, soy sauce, vinegar, rice sushi, and sake tasting.Nourishment.
  • Food and
  • Recommended Traditional Foods
□We are currently working on an English version of our website.
 Please look forward to the English versions of each of the workshops.
 In the meantime, I apologize.

□We are now able to sell all of our products overseas.
 Until the English version is available, please use translation software
 such as google to read it.
List of
industry studios
Soil, Ceramic, Glass Wood Lacquerware Bamboo, Knitting, Braiding
Paper, Textile, Fruit, Wax, Leather Cloth,Dye ,Woven Painting
List of studios by region  
Soil, Ceramic, Glass  
DOGU 亀ヶ岡遮光器式土偶 益子焼 神谷正一と8工房
益子焼現代作家 薄田浩司・いと 菓子器 益子焼 吉兵衛窯 南雲英則 創作工房あくつ 阿久津雅土 那珂川町にある小砂焼「藤田製陶所」の金結晶 会津本郷焼「閑山窯」
金継ぎ・漆の修理 津軽金山焼 松宮松風 工房 白鳥オカリーナ 下川原焼土人形 阿保正志  鳩笛 雄勝硯 開和堂硯舗|伝統工芸品の通販手仕事専科 天命鋳物 若林秀真
津軽打刃物 (有)二唐刃物鍛造所 暗紋シリーズ 創作銀工芸青野信夫 30mm幅指輪silver950
木工ロクロ「鈴木民芸」桑の木の茶器 宝珠堂の御神輿「小川政次」 仏師 朝倉二美「雲中供養菩薩南22号」 指物 クロサキ工芸 「木彩萬箱」 夢工房 象嵌工芸
ブナコ「BUNACO」 一粒のちいさなりんごCHITOSE|手仕事専科 原木細工「丸太絵」 山ぶどう・あけび 帆船模型製作 帆船工房宝代地|手仕事専科 日光彫「五十嵐漆器㈱」 尺丸盆切出牡丹 津軽塗「藤野漆芸」  漆・クラフト・KEN 
Bamboo, Knitting, Braiding Re  
竹芸 無心庵 斎藤正光 竹バッグ 初音 山田民芸工房 風車 山田民芸工房 那須の篠工芸 宮本工芸「網代編み・山ブドウ皮」
奥会津編み組細工 ヒロロ細工 奥会津編み組細工 マタタビ細工 マタタビ蕎麦笊 工房間方|手仕事専科 組紐「間々田ひも」 日光下駄 
忍び駒 南部黄金べこ 小田島民芸所 南部箒 高倉工芸|手仕事専科
Paper, Textile, Fruit, Wax, Leather Re  
烏山和紙/灯り「かすみ」 野州麻紙工房 和提灯「新波の提灯」 津軽凧絵 二代目信枚公と朱雀 きり絵・3Dアート 湯澤朱美 「東照宮」 起上り小法師 山田民芸工房
南部黄金べこ 小田島民芸所 白河だるま 佐川だるま製造所 野州大麻 「野州大麻(やしゅうおおぬさ)」 大麻博物館 紡錐車・精麻 麻の葉工房/野州麻 会津絵ろうそく 山形屋本店 
Cloth ,Dye ,Woven ,  Painting  ■Re  
宮染 「中川染工場」 印染 福井染工場|手仕事専科 染色デザイナー 蒲生マユミ 津軽裂き織り
糸あそび工房 Angers Nasu 東出玉美 川俣シルク 齋藤産業  川俣シルク 斎脩絹織物㈱ こぎん刺「弘前こぎん研究所」 着物仕立て 富士商店 ほぐしし織りのモンブランヤマグチ 美術洋傘|手仕事専科 草木染めの夢屋染織工房 野島千尋 染色作家 高久加奈子  着雛「吉貞」現代の名工吉田宏
Traditional food
那須みそ (有)須藤醸造 手作り味噌 とべや 秋田の田舎漬 浅舞婦人漬物研究会|手仕事専科 山菜漬物・りんごカレールー 岩木屋 飯寿し  ヤマトミ食品
会津の醤油・味噌 イゲタ醤油 本醸造酢 太田酢店 りんご塩・りんご蕎麦 彦庵
飛馬りんご JA相馬村 山ぶどうジャム・ジュース 滝根ひゃくしょう塾 那須の弁慶米 稲の沢 みどり米
List of studios by region  RE
Shimotuke handicrafts    
List of 77 workshops
in 44 industries
Aizu handicrafts      List of 21 workshops
in 28 industries
Handicrafts in Tsugaru area         List of 20 workshops
in 26 industries
 (Michinoku /Tokyo)
List of 10 workshops
in 13 industries
Traditional food handiworks  List of 28 workshops
in 27 industries
O・B・M Handicrafts   List of 16 workshops
in 10 industries 
Arts and craftsman         

Greeting (new year's resolution) 
Shimotuke region of Japan has a record of handicrafts since the Yamato period with the Nasu region Monument.In the Edo era, industries related to Nikko Toshogu Shrine were born.And from them, excellent hand-work related to life was born and inherited now.In the same way, excellent industries and handicrafts have been nurtured in the Tsugaru region, and they are inherited now.
This Shimotsuke,Aizu,Tsugaru The specialty of handicraft advocates Life with Japanese beauty was created with the purpose of introducing handicrafts born and raised in these regions and using them in your daily life.Why Shimotsuke, Aizu and Tsugaru is the place where I was assigned during my 30 years working at a hotel.
Inspired by the desire to manage handicrafts that are in danger of extinction while being interested and involved in the art of handicrafts handed down to each land,The net shop company "Topy Planning Co., Ltd." for the purpose of sales was established.

We would like to advocate living with Japanease beauty with the hope of passing on the traditional handicraft culture of Japan and superior things to the next generation, and with the cooperation of many related people.We are.Based on this concept, we created the original category “OBM Handcraft” [Old But Modern Handcraft](a handicraft product created by a collaboration between traditional handicraft techniques and products and modern art modern design).The category of handicrafts includes traditional crafts and folk crafts as well as traditional foods.
In the modern world, in the near future, the rise of China, India and Russia, and Japan is buried.Yesterday, the birth of the 7 billionth was on the news. In a world of globalism, it is important for Japan to maintain its identity.It is the way of life of the country and of each of us.New and new innovation is to create a new shining world with a solid core."Life with Japanease beauty" advocates the way of mind and the way of thinking.You can't create a smart self without knowing the old value of your blood and flesh.It's not about the value of richness (wealth), which is full of things.It's just one step at a time.
The advocacy of "Life with Japanease beauty" is consistent with the "4Rs" of resource utilization. Our high-growth, bubble worshiper society led to the collapse of the bubble economy in 1992, followed by the low-growth era, which led to the US subprime problem, the Lehman shock, and the collapse of the world economy.
The values ​​are changing significantly before the natural power of the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are becoming a society that knows that valuing things and being in harmony with people are realized through gratitude, not by competition, but by cooperation. I came to know how poorly colored the winning and losing groups are. Live bonds are from families. That leads to a society through work, to the community, and to the world. The economy is built on them. Utilitarianism is not primary.
It is important to live as a person, and they have guidelines for living. We consider them as "life with Japanease beauty". I will continue to think about that ism.

With the New Year in 2012, we are renewed.I've compiled my reflections on last year and the challenges of 2012. For more information, see my blog for handicrafts
.It seems that the relationship between goals and activities depends on achieving them, but in fact, it is important how much you can grow with them.Working with excitement and dreaming of achieving your goals will help you to spend more of your time.Please declare our 2012 goals for Shimotuke,Aizu,Tsugaru Handicrafts specialty customers.Please watch warmly.

On New Year's Eve 2012 we have announced our 2013 aspirations.Last year, I was planning to make a website for overseas, but I couldn't complete it because of the busy schedule.We are planning more in 2013.From the perspective of "life with Kazumi" and the idea of "food and health", we will conduct an old private house restoration project by NPO.At the same time, a handicraft project for overseas support is also planned with the NPO.The word "handicraft" was registered as a trademark.With the concept of "Life with Japanease beauty", I would like to introduce many handicraft products to the world.Each one is my study and it is a step toward realizing my dream. Thank you for 2013.(
We feel the evolution of handicrafts. We were conscious of branding, but We are grateful that the customers will nurture them. Last year, we were able to associate with many workshops, but we couldn't take the time to create a website.
We didn't intend to do so, but the result was. We apologize to all of our customers. This year, we will make lots of grocery pages towards the end of the year. We will deal with local production for local consumption.
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, local industries have suffered severe damage. Are you keenly aware that you can't sell? However, on my site, all products are popular. After all, be aware of branding. I want to convey the product as a brand of "handicraft specialty". I am grateful to all of you and feel your mission.

The goal for fiscal 2014 is "branding of handicrafts specialty. Currently, the homepage is developing a great deal in terms of sales amount. 2010.04.08 is the establishment of Topy Planning Co., Ltd. and 04.20 of the same yearBut, the homepage was born, followed by the first order at 11.16 of the same year, and we received 1,077 orders by the end of the fourth term.A little bit of a young man who has come to the point where he can comment on the internet, thank our customers and the craftsmen who continue to make them, and we hope to continue our efforts for what our customers want.
Aiming to create a brand for handicraft specialty in fiscal 2014 is a business with a dream.This is to introduce the products that you create under the name of "Handicraft Specialist".Just by looking at the “Handicrafts” logo, you can imagine the quality and value of the “Handicrafts” products and the intended policy just by hearing the name."Life with Japanease beauty" is our policy.It is a way of life that values things, values people, and respects the relationship that lives.
We are economic animals.But without this philosophy, it becomes a substance without a heart.I want to think about the reason why we live on this earth.Fiscal 2014 is a new step and a challenge.I'm not young anymore.However, I want to take a big step in dreaming.We will start by asking for your support.(2014.04.01)

After the end of the 5th term, there are some deep emotions.The monthly sales of 1 million yen was the target of passage from the beginning.In the previous fiscal year, although slightly short, we were able to secure the sales target that was the target.Topy Planning Co., Ltd., and the main “handicraft specialty” have many issues.However, we have been working toward solutions one by one.We will enter the new sixth period, but we will post the following goals and proceed.

1.Dealing with authentic handicraft workshops from the Tohoku region.
2.Increase the transaction value of each studio by introducing the current studio
and products that have been deepened.

3.Achieved 1.25 million yen per month (14.8 million yen per year).

With the start of the new year in 2016, handicrafts are also undergoing major changes.That is the fact that traditional crafts workshops are getting more and more severe.At the same time, the number of people who have noticed and loved traditional crafts and traditional foods is increasing.In a tough economy, the Japanese economy and culture seem to be stagnating, but still reaching maturity.Speaking of sports, there is a generation that can demonstrate absolute strength in the world like Yuzuru Hanyu in figures.My generation is a postwar baby boomer generation.

The Japanese economy has grown and changed with the baby boomers. At present, it has entered the elderly generation and has become a generation that can appreciate the history of Japanese culture and history. Regarding the "comfort women" as a Japan-Korea problem, this generation can be said to be clearly NO! To the problem of the Nanjing Massacre. 70 years after the war, there is a role to connect new values ​​and evaluations to the next generation. A post-war regime, against the Allies, a generation that can be said to be NO! It is to assert your own reputation based on the right perception. It is about culture, history, tradition, technology, and having a core of independence within oneself. In 2016, handicrafts specialty aims to convey the value to many people by lighting more valuable technologies, skills and wisdom of life. 2016 is a new beginning. Towards 2020, we will enter a new five-year plan. Thank you.2016.-01.01)

2017 and June are already in the middle. The financial results for handicraft specialty in fiscal 2016 made a great leap forward. The transaction amount has reached 18 million yen. The target for fiscal 2017 was set at an annual sales of 21 million yen. This also depends on the kindness of those who favor handicrafts, traditional crafts and food. I started walking seven years ago when I couldn't tell whether it was right or left. For half a year there was no noise, but a drop of rainwater that came six months later is now turning into a small river. However, while it may become a dry river, there is still a possibility, although it is not safe. I met DRM (
Direct response marketing
)and dreamed. Currently I am studying writings about tanka. The heart of Japanese people who feel the wonderful four seasons becomes a waka, and there is a calligraphy as a letter. It will be my hobby world, but I want to enjoy it in the time left. These all lead to DRM(Direct response marketing) for handicrafts.(2017.06.15)

Handicrafts are changing every day. It depends on conversations with customers, encounters with new people, requests from the workshop, and changes in time. This time, from local revitalization of local production and local consumption, we will introduce the GT (Green Tourism) farmer stay "Agricultural processing
Hana". It is already from the relationship with the person who was involved about 16 years ago. Ms.Michiyo Igarashi, who lives in Kitakata City, Aizu, has been making frozen rice cakes and cherries with processed agricultural vegetables, and is also a farmer stay. It leads to my former lodging business.
Recently, Sadaharu Narita, director of Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute, introduced a modern Tsugaru Kogin stab writer, Yoko Kida, and introduced her work on the page of arts and crafts / artists. I felt that it was my mission to meet, introduce and sell excellent works. Thanks for the encounter. Meeting new people can lead to creating new things.

The traditional craft, folk crafts which I treat are often used for a plan. I may be the work to lead to the major plan company, but the heart for the person is not felt for their work. To love for the manufacturing is necessary for the background of the plan. I made arrangements with them by many plans, but, as for paying a meeting, delivery of goods, there was not a problem, but was never asked about "the words of thanks". It is the words of thanks when I deliver it, and work was completed. I was common surprisingly.
In addition, there is a request for an estimate from a small and medium-sized planning company, and it will be a reminder of the arrow.However, as soon as I submit it, "I will lose my voice."
It is no shards.
Whether it's a company policy or a matter of personal qualities, it's embarrassing.
Living is not difficult.
Although there is a word of a world that is hard to understand, work is born with people.As early as this morning, I saw the word "People without Prince pull" discussing Japanese people.I want to live this time so as not to be ashamed as a person.

The handicrafts specialty is the 9th period from April 1, 2018.
Last year, my own physical condition, "I'm getting sick," slowed down my sales activities. For this reason, we have been unable to provide information to our customers and have caused annoyance.
We apologize for this blog.
Aspirations for 2018-Handicrafts specialization 2018 will be the start of activities with full satisfaction. Last year I met two young entrepreneurs.
Both of you have started a business to introduce and sell Japanese traditional culture abroad
Overseas sales were in my initiative, but only time has passed and there is no more time left. Overseas sales channels can be handled by tie-ups with them and outsourcing "outsourcing". The result was all right. In addition, outsourcing "outsourcing (work) outsourcing" is also possible for PC work for ordering and receiving orders. The job depends on how many people help
The "life with Japanease beautyi" that I advocate does not depend on Japanese and traditional when it comes to beauty.
However, I cannot be without a traditional thing (the value) being unknown, and being concerned in the current situation disappearing from the society. To be exact, will it become "Life-style of Japanese traditional?" The recommended studio, product of the handwork specialized course that will be active lasts for many divergences while being particular about the "traditions" of the world "beauty", but the studio which "there is value", and has a product is dominant for sale, and, also, in a wide sense, "Only one" is popular as the results. The product information only played through the media, big; it is sold. When, in these past several years, the weaving like a wickerwork pattern handbag roll hand of Miyamoto crafts, the southern broom of Takakura crafts, silvervine United States grind colander of the between the studio, sunlight clogs, Yasu hempen paper, Karasuyama Japanese paper "lamp" appear in the media little by little; a hit-like each time; order it. But, the weaving like a wickerwork pattern handbag roll hand, the southern part broom were home runs of the runner sweep. The "life with Japanease beauty" that I propose handwork specialized course is not a vender. By a tradition, it works to convey the value in a history (mission). In 2018,   wants to convey a tradition and the good traditional product to have well. 2018.01.01

Today is the start of the 9th term of Topi Planning Inc.
I would like to face my goals with a renewed sense of mind, and I would like to do one day at a time, one day at a time, in order of priority, with clear short-term goals, with accurate information processing, and with gratitude and service as my motto.
The goal of the job is customer support.
Pleasing the customer is fundamental. We can support ourselves by being sincere about it and responding to it. The eyes of a thriving store are the voice of the customer and the joy they feel.
It's a simple step from today.
Today is the day of the first step in the life left behind.
I was surprised by the performance of Shohei Ohtani of the U.S. MLB in the last few days.
He has stayed true to his plan of action for his goals since he was in high school.
He is a calm and collected, and dull and wise young man.
I myself have lived a life where I have almost reached 70 years old. Yesterday, an acquaintance of mine told me that he has traveled to 40 countries around the world.
I have traveled to more than 30 countries, although not as far as I would like to go myself.
'The Net doesn't sell products. When I heard him say "sell culture", I remembered that I had heard the same thing from an Indian friend once.
I was made to study a lot from the web of the specialised in handicraft.
I am ashamed to say that I have not grown up, but looking back, I have come a long way.
The story of Shohei Ohtani's success made me want to become a "100 million yen player" with my favorite traditional craft webcite "specialised in handicraft".
If you ask, it is open to you.
These words are true.
We are in a tough time for handwork.
It's been eight years since I've been involved.
A workshop of about one hand was put out of business because there was no successor.If they have the "will to live", I would like to reach out to them and make an effort.

The specialised in handicraft has entered its ninth term.
We are almost at the end of our tenth year in this year.
It was my first job since my 60th birthday, so it is my second birthday.
The word "prejudice" has become a popular phrase on the street, and nowadays, people are even more familiar with the term "end of life".
What would be the right word to describe your feelings?
I want to fulfill my life (life, mission).
We know that only one person can do it.
Still, I would like to go through with it and leave this world.
I travel to the workshops of the specialised in handicraft, discover fascinating products, write a blog about my travels and encounters with history, discovering the beauty of Japanese culture, and sell the handiwork of artisans and artists.
Carrying a camera and a computer and posting it on the blog at the inn on the day of the event is a hobby and time full of romance.
Writing and drawing can also be a hobby.
I would like to draw and send it to a close friend.
We started in April with the transfer of servers from Yahoo Japan Cities to XSERVER. However, the loss in the meantime caused a big drop in sales.
This is because of the power of the announcement on the blog and the fact that the address has been changed, so awareness is starting from scratch.
I knew in my own mind that this influence was a no-nonsense one.
It's because sales have plummeted.
However, they say that adversity builds people up.
I hope that this experience will become meat for me. I would like to work on the revival of the specialised in handicraft with a new resolve.

As we enter the 10th term in 2020, we are renewing our minds.
Last year, we were badly impacted by the withdrawal of Yahoogeocities' operations, which reduced our track record of about nine years to nothing. However, hardship makes you choose a new path. This is a review of the workshops that we are currently introducing and the development of overseas sales of our original recommended workshops.
In Japan, there are many handcrafts that have been celebrated since the Manyo period and through the Edo period. In the Edo period, the technique of treasures handed down in Horyuji and Todaiji Shosoin was handed down.
Seventy-five years after the end of the war, Japan's old ways of living and thinking are changing drastically as a result of the westernization and globalization of global rhythms. These things are unavoidable, but we would like to inherit better things in our lives and ways of living while undergoing the baptism of the age of change.
Now, I feel my heart welling up.

This year I have made friends with people who are working on Japanese culture and history. One is the Tochigi Prefecture People's Association, who love beautiful Japan. The members are over 70 years old and are studying post-war history. We don't go out on the streets to promote our activities. We don't go out on the streets to do propaganda, because we don't think we can resist the power of the media and people on the left. We stay at home. I have friends who are communists, but they are pure. I have the impression that they know nothing but doctrine. I have found that many conservative people who work hard are also pure. We have organisational conflicts that do not allow different ideas. The other is a commercial organisation called Nihondo. This is also an organization that I recently learned about, and it has seven themes that are fascinating. In Japan, there are a lot of things that have been called "way" for a long time, such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, kendo and so on.
NIHONDO is a community that follows the teachings of various "ways" and learns about the history, traditions and great people of Japan.
1. The Yamato language that Japanese people want to use
2. Myths and Emperors that Japanese people should know.
3. Japanese food and culture that Japanese people should make the most of in their daily lives.
4. Cultural traditions that Japanese people should keep alive
5. Shrines and temples that Japanese people should cherish
6. Great people that Japanese people should be proud of
7. Events that Japanese people want to pass down to the next generation
In addition, there is a Dan certification, which is managed by Nihondo Co.
Furthermore, I have recently met the people of Nichiren Shoshu, whose head temple is Taisekiji. Religious people are also pure. They believe that Nichiren Shoshu teaches the best of the Buddha's teachings and that other forms of Buddhism are a diversion. They believe that there are benefits to be gained through the practice of shakubuku. He is passionate. I was involved in a health drink network at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and it was the same: 100% belief, trying hard to recruit people, but the people I spoke to from Nichiren Shoshu were also pure people who did not accept any other way of thinking. I was interested in Nichiren Shoshu because Kenji Miyazawa, a writer of children's stories, took refuge in Nichiren Shoshu, and because I was interested in the way of life and read a lot of books on Buddhism when I was a student. However, when I saw the way in which they performed shakubuku, I felt a new sense of rejection. I don't know why.
It is a matter of purity, of double-edgedness. Now, in recommending the "Life with Japanese beauty 
", I would like to proceed on the basis of reconciliation with the values of the people. (09.05.2021)
2010/04/20 The homepage is now open.
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