Mail Order of Traditional Handicrafts and Folk Art

We introduce traditional crafts and folk crafts from Tohoku region and sell them by mail order.

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 We introduce Handwork, traditional crafts, folk art and traditional foods made by craftsmen in the Tohoku region of Japan
that have been handed down from generation to generation,
and sell them by mail order .
・・・We advocate Life with Japanese beauty
Product Introduction  161 workshops in 111 industries at present 
76 workshops in 43 Shimotsuke industries      □Tohoku region of Japan
・28 Workshops in 21 Industries Aizu  
25 workshops in 20 industries in Tsugaru
10 workshops in 13 industries outside the region
・22 traditional foods, 22 industries, 23 workshops.
O.B.M. Handcraft 16 workshops in 10 industries
Arts and 5crafts artist

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List of industries       
If you click on an industry, you will jump to each industry workshop.
Categories Industry/workshop   
Soil, Stone, Glass Ceramics      clay figurine  earthen figure  mashiko ware  Masiko ware Contemporary Artists
Masiko Pottery Artist
koisago ware  Kubi ware  JAGOCERAMICS
tea pottery demon-shaped tile
Aizu Hongo ware  Tsugaru Kanayama ware  Shitakawara-
yaki humanoid
Tsugaru Bidoura Tsugaru Forged Knives 
casting industry    stone Buddha  repairing ocarina
(musical instrument)
stained glass 
silverwork  Okatsuinkstone wristwatch     
Wood Lacquerware woodworker's crockery  wooden frame puzzle Nikko carving  Nikko
woodworking joints
woodworking joints 
Tsugaru woodworking joints Kanuma Yosegi kumiko woodwork  Kanuma paulownia chest of drawers woodworking    inlaying craftsmanship 
Statue of Buddha Divine palanquin  BUNACO
Beech tree crafts
picture of a log 
Aizu lacquerware   Tsugaru lacquerware Tsugaru Woodwork Hives and lamps.  Japanese bonsai 
Sailing ship model making  bentwood       
Braided cord
bamboo worker  Nasu's Shino crafts  Akebi vine work  Aizu braid work Nikko geta (footwear) 
braided cordwork straw work   Southern broomstick    
Paper, Textile,
Nut, Wax, Leather,
Karasuyama Japanese paper  Yasyu hemp paper  Japanese paper lantern  Tsugaru kite painting  cut-out picture 
The Cannabis Museum  Yasyu streamers  Hemp Amulet  Aizu Pictured Candle 
bag  Shirakawa Daruma  red cattle  getting up
little Buddhist monk
Children's toys
vertical whistle  Southern Golden Cattle.    
Woven Printing
Aizu Cotton Cloth  indigo dyeing  Utsunomiya dyeing  apple dyeing  dyeing artist 
Tsugaru Sakiori weaving weaving Tsugaru small cloth embroidery  antique cloth old cloth
picture of a samurai  Kibina Yoshitei  sewing  Kawamata silk art umbrella  
tailoring a kimono Hot water pack for beautiful ski      
Arts and crafts  Tsugaru Kogin sashi Western-style painter copperplate artist cut-out picture cutout artist 
 Traditional food
dried bonito Nasu miso  Tsukudani ・ pickles  apple (fruit)   apple cider vinegar
sushi with rice  pickle of wild vegetables
salted apple and soba noodles pure brewed vinegar  pickled kipper in Japanese pepper
Aizu miso
soy sauce
curry Japanese honey  smoked egg Japanese carp
rice frozen rice cake  

※All prices are quoted gross (including tax).
□List of all workshops ●For more information, please click on the photo of the workshop.
OOO is "O.B.M Handcrafter".
Soil, Stone, Glass Ceramics  □Return    
clay figurine Re  earthen figure Re  Masiko-ware Re   
埴輪「大塚はにわ店」 挂甲武人A・Bと馬
clay figurine 
夢野工房のつくる現寸土偶 亀ヶ岡遮光器土偶
earthen figure
「Yumeno Workshop」
益子焼 「美しい糠柿」のお店Masiko-ware Shinohara   益子焼 コーヒーカップ・皿  丸紋
Masiko ware
Shoichi Kamiya
益子焼 夫婦湯呑み ぶどう鉄絵
Masiko ware
Hiroshi Murata
 益子焼 皿鉢  柿黒糠市松  Masiko ware
Kamiya Pottery
益子焼 堀越美紀
Masiko ware
Miki Horikoshi
 益子焼 ふじ窯 デザートカップ 白
Masiko ware
Fuji Kiln
  Masiko ware Contemporary Artists Re    
益子焼 南風窯
 Masiko ware
south wind) kiln
Masiko ware
 Susukida Kiln

Masiko ware
 Tsutomu Udagawa

Masiko ware
 Kichibe kiln
Hidenori Nagumo
    koisago ware Re Aizu Hongo ware Re

Creative Workshop

Taro Takenouchi
小砂焼 金結晶と鉄赤
koisago ware
Fujita Pottery
会津本郷焼 閑山窯
Aizu Hongo ware
Kanzan kiln
    Tsugaru Kanayama ware Re Shitakawara-yaki humanoid Re  
会津本郷焼 樹ノ音工房
Aizu Hongo ware
Kinooto Studio
会津本郷焼 鳳山窯
Aizu Hongo ware
Houzan kiln
Tsugaru Kanayama ware

Shitakawara-yaki humanoid
Masashi Abao
tea pottery Re  demon-shaped tile Re casting industry Re Tsugaru Forged Knives Re 
茶陶 八染窯
tea pottery
Yashio kiln
鬼瓦 山菊鬼瓦店
demon-shaped tile
Yamakiku Tile Shop
 天命鋳物 若林鋳造所
casting industry

Hotsuma Wakabayashi
Tsugaru Forged Knives
Knife Forging Co.
Tsugaru Bidoura Re  stone Buddha Re  ■repairs  Re  ocarina  Re
Tsugaru BidouraHokuyo Glass Co.
 石仏 大久保石佛工房
stone Buddha
Okubo Stone
Buddha Studio

lacquerware repair
(musical instrument)
Kobo Shiratori Ocarina
Kubi ware  Re JAGOCERAMICS Re ■Masiko Pottery
■stained glass Re

Kubi ware
Hisaomi Okamoto

Masiko Pottery Artist
21 workshops.
Stained Glass Studio
Toru Matsuzaki
■silverwork Re inkstone Re  wristwatch Re  

creative silver studio
Nobuo Aono
Okatsu inkstone
Kaiwado inkstone
Yoshinori Okuno
Wood Lacquerware
woodworker's crockery Re 
wooden frame puzzle Re
NIKKO carving Re
woodworking joints
woodworker's wheel
Suzuki Mingei

wooden frame puzzle
Wood Studio Hiro

Nikko carving
Lacquerware Co.
woodworking joints
famous wood shop
woodworking joints Re Tsugaruwoodworking joints Re    Kanuma Yosegi kumiko woodwork Re 

woodworking joints
Krosaki Kogei Company
Tsugaru woodworking joints
Ozaki Furnishing Co.
Kanuma Yosegi kumiko woodwork 
Kanuma paulownia chest of drawers Re woodworking Re ■Statue of Buddha Re ■inlaying craftsmanship Re
 鹿沼桐箪笥 大塚の桐箪笥
 Kanuma paulownia chest of drawers
Satoshi Otsuka

Statue of Buddha
Asakura hutami
inlaying craftsmanship
Dream studio
Divine palanquin Re  BUNACO
Beech tree crafts
picture of a log Re
御神輿 宝珠堂
 Divine palanquin
Masaji Ogawa

circle wood
raw woodwork
picture of a log
Aizu lacquerware Re Tsugaru lacquerware Re
 会津塗 漆器工房 鈴武
Aizu lacquerware
Lacquer ware studio

Aizu lacquerware
Aizu Omiya Lacquer ware shop
津軽塗 漆工房宮
Tsugaru lacquerware
Lacquer Studio Miya 
Tsugaru lacquerware
Lacquer, craft, Ken
Tsugaru Woodwork Re Hives and lamps. Re bonsai trees and shrubs  Re 
津軽塗 藤野漆芸
Tsugaru lacquerware
Fujino lacquerware

Kimura Mokhin Seisakusho

Gallery Barn
Hives and lamps.
盆栽 グリーンセンター藤川
bonsai trees and shrubs
green center Hujikawa
■Sailing ship model making  Re  ■bentwood Re  

Sailing ship model making
Sailboat workshop Houdaiti

Old Pavement Kurikyu
Bamboo Knitting.Braided cord □Retur
bamboo worker Re  
 Nasu's Shino crafts Re  Akebi vine work Re
八木澤竹工房 bamboo worker
Yagizawa Bamboo Studio
unconcerned hermitage
Masamitsu Saito
Nasu's Shino crafts
Akebi vine work
Miyamoto Craft Co.
Aizu braid work Re  Nikko geta
braided cordwork Re  

Aizu braid work
Oku-Aizu Mishima Association for the Promotion of Braided Goods

workshop Makata
Touichi Kanke
 日光下駄  Nikko geta (footwear)
Yamamoto Masasi
braided cordwork
Mamada cord
straw work Re Southern broomstick Re    
enduring horse doll
Odajima Mingeisho
Southern broomstick
Takakura crafts
Paper, Textile,Nut, Wax, Leather,  □Retur  
Karasuyama Japanese paper Re  Yasyu hemp paper Re  ■Japanese paper lantern Re  ■Tsugaru kite
 烏山和紙 程村紙 
Japanese paper

Yasyu hemp paper
Yasyu hemp
paper stadio
和提灯 新波の提灯 
Japanese paper lantern
Nippa's lantern
Tsugaru kite paintingSyukou Yamauchi
cut-out picture Re ■first sound of the year( vertical whistle)Re ■getting up
little Buddhist monk
■Children's toys

cut-out picture
Yuzawa akemi

first sound of the year
vertical whistle
Yamada Folk Craft Studio

getting up
little Buddhist monk
Yamada Folk Craft Studio

Children's toys
Yamada Folk Craft Studio
bag Re  The Cannabis
yasyu  streamers
■Hemp Amulet Re

Leather bag workshop 510
The Cannabis Museum
yasyu streamers

Hemp Leaf Studio
Aizu Pictured Candle Re  Shirakawa Daruma Re  ■red cattle Re
会津絵ろうそく 山形屋本店
Aizu Pictured Candle
Main Store」
Shirakawa Daruma
Sagawa Daruma Factory

Shirakawa Daruma
Watanabe Daruma Store
赤べこ (有)荒井工芸所  会津の民芸
red cattle
Arai Craft Works
Southern Golden Cattle. Re    
Southern Golden Cattle.
Odajima Mingeijo
Cloth,Dye,Woven Printing □Retur    
Aizu Cotton Cloth Re
■Hot water pack for beautiful skin Re  Utsunomiya dyeing Re  indigo dyeing Re

Aizu Cotton Cloth
Yamada Cotton Weavers
Hot water pack for beautiful skin
 宮染 中川染工場
Utsunomiya dyeing
Nakagawa Dyeing Factory
染織 日下田藍染工房
indigo dyeing
Higeta indigo dyeing
antique cloth Re
  Tsugaru Sakiori weaving Re  

Old Cloth Studio
Dyeing Craftsman
Mayumi Gamo
Tsugaru Sakiori weaving
Atelier Moeki
Tsugaru Sakiori weaving
Sakiori Weaving Studio Ponte
  Tsugaru small cloth embroidery Re weaving Re apple dyeing Re 

Tsugaru Sakiori weaving
Textile Studio Murakami
こぎん刺 弘前こぎん研究所
Tsugaru small cloth embroidery
Hirosaki Kogin Institute
 Yarn Studio
Angers Nasu
 りんご染 津軽のりんご工房
apple dyeing
Apple Studio
picture of a samurai Re doll to wear on a doll's birthdayRe  sewing Re old cloth
picture of a samurai
Musha-e no Sato Ohata
Koun Ohata
 着雛 現代の名工 吉貞
Kibina Yoshitei

Byu sewing
old cloth
Stidio Takada
Kawamata silk Re  art umbrella Re   ■tailoring a kimono  Re   

Kawamata silkSaito Sangyo Company, Ltd.

twisted weaving
Mont Blanc Co.
tailoring a kimono
Fuji store

Arts and craf
Tsugaru Kogin sashi  Re
Western-style painter

copperplate artist Re

cutout artist Re
Contemporary Tsugaru Kogin Sashi Artist
Yuko Kida

Western-style painter
Tsuyoshi Katagiri

 copperplate artist
Marino Miura

Paper cutout artist of my own taste
Noriyuki Hagita
Dyeing, Craftsman      

Dyeing, Craftsman
Kanako Takaku
 Traditional food 】 □Retur    
dried bonito RE Nasu miso Re  Tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) and pickles Re  apple (fruit) Re

dried bonito
Sendai-ya (store)

Nasu miso
Sudo Brewery Co.
homemade miso
Food boiled in soy sauce, Tobeoya
  Hyuma apple
JA Soma Village
■apple cider vinegar RE ■sushi with rice Re  ■pickle of wild vegetables RE
apple cider vinegar 

sushi with rice
Yamatomi Foods Co.
pickle of wild vegetables
Iwaki-ya (shop)

Pickled in the countryside in Akita
Asamai Women's Tsukemono Study Group
pure brewed vinegarRE pickled kipper in Japanese pepper RE ■Aizu soy sauce
■salted apple and soba noodles RE

pure brewed vinegar
Ohta Vinegar Shop
pickled kipper in Japanese pepper
Nimaruya Musashi-tei Musashi Nagao

Aizu's soy sauce miso
Igeta soy sauce
salted apple and
soba noodles
curry RE Japanese honey RE smoked egg RE Japanese carp  Re

Okinawa Ishigaki Island Curry

BBL. Honey and Rose Garden
Eiichi Takita

smoked egg

Japanese carp
of Mt. Bandai
cooked carp

Kumada Fisheries Co.
rice RE   frozen rice cakeRe

Inenosawa Green rice
Shoichi Takamori
Benkei rice in Nasu
Hisao Shibata

Agricultural processing Hana

Michiyo Igarashi

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